[chuck-users] strange mini behaviour/ubuntu

Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Fri Sep 25 22:35:53 EDT 2009


> I never saw this behaviour before, any idea what's up?

I saw that too, quite frequently even, to the point of me being quite
annoyed by it.

I believe (but this is based purely on gut feeling) that Pulse-audio
(the Ubuntu default) doesn't play as nice with Alsa as it should. For
me this seems related to certain applications (say Skype or a browser
running Flash (or having opened it)) claiming the soundcard in ways
they shouldn't. As ChucK depends on the audio drivers polling it (or
so it seems to me) a malformed connection there  will muck up every
thing else.

For me it has so far been fixed by stopping the VM, quitting all such
programs, adn re-starting it. sadly this process may well crash the
mini altogether.

I can't point a specific finger either but something, somewhere, is
wrong. Personally I suspect Pulse, but Pulse is fine with combining,
say, Skype, Flash and a mp3 player. Could we be claiming the soundcard
in a non-nice way under some conditions? I think I feel it's the audio
system's job to notify us when something is wrong in a claim laid to
it but it would be good to document exactly what claim and how, if i
would be right, and how to prevent such conditions

Might be a RTAudio issue? Might be something applications like Skype
or Flash take to be a lowest common denominator on Linux systems?


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