[chuck-users] Scala importer, FileIO capabilities

Andrew C. Smith acsmith at willamette.edu
Sat Sep 26 00:09:12 EDT 2009

All right, admit if you've made a Scala file importer. If not, it's
about time that it was done, likely not to extend mtof() directly but
rather as a separate public class/static method (like Scala.mtof or
something). I know you're probably sick of hearing about microtonal
things, but I've just been having a tough time getting a sustainable
system going where I can work with an existing scale archive and
develop my own tunings reasonably easily. I think a Scala converter is
where it's at.

If it hasn't been done, can someone tell me (before I send this to the
dev list) where in the source the FileIO capabilities are? I just
finished building ChucK with Xcode, so I'm ready to dive in and make
some mistakes. Side projects for extending FileIO also include
implementing the tinyXML file parser, which would let us easily parse
XML files with ChucK. So, hands up if anyone has been working with
FileIO to a large extent.


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