[chuck-users] new versions?

Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Wed Sep 30 17:07:53 EDT 2009


IMHO, of course.

Loudly so.

Particularly as a shorter release cycle would clarify the state of more
delicate outstanding bugs like the type-system (particularly in extending
and as it relate to arrays) issues. It is -right now- not clear how much
more testing is needed there. Releasing early and often may well lead to
unstable releases but the current version is hardly bug-free and the overall
community -including the dev's- will be much better at spotting those than
the dev's alone. If push comes to shove we might alternate releases of
bug-fixes alone with releases featuring both fixes and new features to
accommodate those who need such a non-ChucKian thing as stable releases.

I truly do believe that having many bugs potentially leads to a close
community but it does so through the mountainous  terrain of communication

Respectfully yours,
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