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Tue Apr 6 07:33:55 EDT 2010

Fellow ChucKists,

At the start of the next month the city of Utrecht (NL, EU) will host this
year's Linux Audio Conference. There I'll do a workshop on ChucK but there
will also be a panel discussion on various programmable open systems for
audio (SC, PD, CSound, Nyquist, maybe more). This should help clear up many
of the things that are unclear (to many) about the differences between these
systems. The results of this will be posted online where they will hopefully
help prevent flame-wars or at least give more substance to any that do

Of course this will involve some quick demonstrations. This leads to the
question of what ChucK is especially good for as compared to other systems.
Time for this will be brief in this context so I'd like to show some good
stuff. I have some ideas of my own but I'd like to consult the list too.

What's especially useful/fun to you? What (positively) surprised you
compared to other systems? Debate, anecdotes and code examples are all

Do come shake hands if you end up going to the LAC; at 2m with a afro I'm
quite hard to miss.

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