[chuck-users] wiimote hacks? GameTrak by Mad Catz is pretty cool...

Robert Poor rdpoor at gmail.com
Tue Apr 6 13:25:49 EDT 2010

While not wireless, the GameTrak hard to beat as a ChucK controller:


Think of it as a 6-axis joystick -- dual 3 axis -- where the z axis is  
derived from pulling a monofilament line that retracts into the base  
sitting on the floor.

As a controller, it's fast and responsive.  It's cheap: you can find  
one for under $9.99 on Amazon and other places.  And visually, it's  
arguably more impressive than a wireless controller.  But wait --  
there's more!  l've written ChucK libraries that filter out single-bit  
noise, etc, and would be happy to send them along.

I needed to solder a jumper wire to put it into USB mode, but I've had  
zero problems with it since.  I use it for all my live ChucK  
performances, and I'm thinking of buying another one (or two!) as a  

Ping me for details.

- rdp

On 2010Apr06, at 10:05, Daniel Trueman wrote:

> yeah, i basically hate the Wii.
> Kas: have you tried multiple of these wireless playstation thingies  
> in close proximity? like, imagine, say, 40 of them hooked up to  
> individual laptops in a room? we managed to get this working with  
> Wii, but it was painful.
> On Apr 6, 2010, at 12:56 PM, Kassen wrote:
>> Personally I suggest instead getting one of the (playstation 2)  
>> games in the "RealPlay" series. The games are shovelware but they  
>> are cheap and come with wire-less controllers and HID-compliant usb- 
>> dongles. These are more accurate than the wiimote, cheaper, and  
>> fully Hid compliant so you are good to go immediately on any OS.  
>> This also eliminates the issues with Nintendo feeling the Bluetooth  
>> standard is a invitation to get creative instead of something to  
>> follow.

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