[chuck-users] static array of ugens???

Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Fri Apr 23 11:27:27 EDT 2010


Well if the bots are using ChucK that would be awesome.

Yes, much better than -say- imitation watches and images of people without
any clothes on or suggestions to buy pills without first consulting a
physician. Maybe they will start Bork (Bot orchestra).

>   The manual kind of glosses over static and doesn't really get into the
> tricky stuff like static non-primitives etc.  This may be because some of
> ChucK's behavior in this department is slated to change at some point.

I think you are spot on. I wish it had been in the manual from the beginning
because it's been like this for ages and leads to a lot of questions. By now
it would have been better to just document how it is now and change the docs
when this is finally cleaned up.

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