[chuck-users] Tabula Rasa + 3D Sound in ChucK

Brutus Gates brutusgates at gmail.com
Thu Apr 29 13:21:54 EDT 2010


I started learning ChucK but then realized I wouldn't be able to make
simple graphics to help me debug my program (is that actually the
case?)... if so too bad... Also, AudioTwist is a pd external that does
3D sound well and has many features.

My questions:

1. When is Tabula Rasa coming out? I'm assuming you will be able to
draw things (kinda like processing) from inside ChucK. (unless, of
course you can make simple graphics in ChucK already?)

2. Is anyone going to port AudioTwist (www.sat.qc.ca), or write
similar 3D audio objects for ChucK? Can you do 3D audio in ChucK

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