[chuck-users] Initial download risk or just joking?

Edward Herbst edwardherbst7 at gmail.com
Sun Aug 1 11:17:53 EDT 2010

Can someone please advise if someone is being facetious or is there
really a risk in the download? When you click the Download link the
first paragraph reads:

"ChucK-1.2.x.x is part of the Dracula release of ChucK - why Dracula?
While the previous release (Frankenstein/1.1.x.x) offered the proof of
concepts (timing, concurrency, on-the-fly programming) with a generous
propensity to explode, the Dracula release is more refined and
powerful with the addition of arrays, objects, events (and better
explosions too). Additionally, the Dracula release is yet unoptimized
and may suck all blood and life from your computer (anticipate
spectacular crashes and other bloody disasters)... Please let us know
if that happens. "
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