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Actually, this is not the case on later Mac models, as the OS controls the
> fan cooling system. So you can really destroy the Mac by overheating it. I
> think it may have happened to a MacBook Air here - there were problems with
> the software in earlier models. Suddenly, it would no more reboot. It
> happened on a very hot day. Eventually, the motherboard, or something had to
> be replaced.
Yes, there will be exceptions, on specific models under unusual conditions,
I believe there have also been some hard-drives that could be destroyed by
software commands in the recent past. However that's A) rare and B) not a
issue with the terminal as such. Though it might be possible I wouldn't know
how to address the fan speed through Bash here&now.

> One can also destroy the Mac by making a poorly written KEXT (kernel
> extension). It is too slow to let all stuff run as programs, so one can make
> an extension to the kernel itself, running without the normal kernel checks
> then. If it sabotages the kernel, then the cooling system may not run
> properly. I'm not sure this has happened, but it is a theoretical
> possibility, in fact mentioned on the Darwin-kernel list.
No doubt that's true... but that definitely wouldn't happen by accident and
I also feel that that is the kind of design error that a warranty should
cover, certainly in the case of computers sold as a matched pair of a OS and
hardware. Normal use of the terminal, including the installation of
languages like ChucK should -and will- be perfectly safe and normal usage of
a computer.

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