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 However that's A) rare and B) not a issue with the terminal as such.
> No, it is 'sudo'...
> Ok. However, sudo is a tool to protect the installation against
unauthorised modifications. Wherever this directory is; its normal that all
executables are kept in a certain directory and that sudo is needed to mark
a file as executable and place it there. Sudo isn't -imho- the right tool to
either protect the hardware against damage or support personnel from tricky

If we look here;

We read;
UNIX power users will feel at home in Darwin, the robust BSD environment
that underlies Mac OS X and is accessible from the Terminal application. All
of the common UNIX utilities, command shells, and scripting languages are
included in Mac OS X, including Perl, PHP, tcl, Ruby, and Python. And Mac OS
X provides a set of optimized libraries, making it easy to port your
existing UNIX code.

To me that sounds at odds with claiming that Edward here can't install ChucK
without voiding his warranty. Yes; sudo could damage stuff, but then so can
cars, claw-hammers and kitchen-knives. That doesn't meant we should abstain
from driving, carpentry and cooking.

Instead I'd suggest that Edward either stick to the installation
instructions or look into one of the many books or online tutorials about
the bash terminal; there are even quite a few aimed specifically about bash
in a OSX context.

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