[chuck-users] Question re: installing ChucK on Mac

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Thu Aug 12 21:23:49 EDT 2010

On Thu, Aug 12, 2010 at 8:32 PM, Tom Lieber <tom at alltom.com> wrote:

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> I'm not quite sure what you're saying, but if miniAudicle installs a
> ChucK in /usr/local/bin, then I don't see a reason to have a separate
> package just for command-line ChucK.

The command-line version of Chuck iterates a while before the one in
miniAudicle catches up.  Sometimes a while goes by and you're using the
latest chuck on the command-line and the previous one in miniAudicle.
 That's one reason.

But I don't think that miniAudicle puts a binary of chuck in /usr/local/bin,
I think it keeps it's own binary as part of the .app file package, which is
where that binary belongs.  I'm not sure what the story is with how
miniAudicle gui communicates with the chuck process, but it's possible that
it's version of chuck is modified to accomodate that.  Spencer?


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