[chuck-users] Question "how connected the Wii remote?"

田岡 卓 digitaltaokatakashi at mac.com
Fri Aug 13 08:14:57 EDT 2010

hi dear.

A simply ,but a problem...
please give advice something.

It's problem a settlement of connect with "Wii controller" at Chuck prg.
Also, I think that be able to play like mousePad or than more.

For Example::miniAudicle/examples/hid/mouse-fm.ck
I try call up that's file exchanges codes for Wii controller with trackpad.
"Wii controller" has the coordinates x, y, z, respectively "freq, fm mod, filter freq" Why do not synchronize the "Theremin" and play like "beat box" of the new devices can be used as I think the idea.

Wii controller is coneccted from "DarwiinRemote"
In addition to "Chuck" and "Wii remote device" if it please share how to connect directly.

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