[chuck-users] IP address from incoming OSC message?

Michael Heuer heuermh at gmail.com
Thu Aug 19 17:11:54 EDT 2010

mike clemow wrote:

> Have you installed mrmr server?  That system works by serving up the
> interfaces to various clients and broadcasting from there, I thought.  I
> haven't really dug further into it than that.  but you might still have to
> use an OSC router like OSCulator just to figure out what's coming from what
> ip.  That's an interesting problem.  I guess if all else fails, you could
> write an OSC mapper script in python using pyliblo, or something, although,
> that sounds like more effort than should be necessary.

According to the mrmr docs, clients are supposed to offer

/mrmr connect ip-address

to the server on its UDP OSC port, and I never see that, nor any other
incoming OSC messages.  Perhaps the mrmr server does something non-OSC
to initiate.

I'm all for fewer moving pieces, so I am hoping the TouchOSC guy will
help me out.  :)

On a somewhat-related note, has anyone ever seen a tool that records
and replays OSC messages, similar in spirit to a MIDI looper?  I
thought of writing one in ChucK, but that seems like a non-trivial


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