[chuck-users] miniAudicle bug: initial C comments

Spencer Salazar ssalazar at CS.Princeton.EDU
Wed Aug 25 15:55:09 EDT 2010


Can you provide an example of this, or steps to reproduce the issue?  I can't find any new problems here.  

One consideration -- miniAudicle's syntax highlighter has some fairly significant shortcomings compared to similar applications (Xcode, Emacs, VS, etc.).  Especially with regards to block comments, syntax may not always be highlighted correctly.  Fixing this up is on the short term roadmap.  

In any case, incorrect syntax highlighting should not change anything about the code that is run on the VM.  Even if things are highlighted incorrectly, the code should function equivalently to code run in the chuck command line binary.  


On Aug 5, 2010, at 10:14 AM, Hans Aberg wrote:

> It seems miniAUdicle 0.2.0 has a bug: files cannot have an initial C comment /* ... */. Perhaps to prevent people putting in useful comments. :-)
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