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Fellow ChucKists,

Bellow is a message from Alex McLean that was posted to various related
lists but not (yet) here. It might be interesting to some? I'd like to add
that I personally like seeing completely improvised performances by people
trying to come to grips with new ideas at least as much as slick pre-planned
presentations. I'd argue that the former have a bigger chance of sharing
"public thought" than the latter.


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Subject: [livecode] Call for proposals: CMJ live coding videos
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Hi all,

Some exciting news I think -- Thor, Nick and I have been asked to get
together some live coding videos for a forthcoming issue of Computer
Music Journal.  We've put together a formal call here, feel free to
share it around:

The ideal is to have all live coding environments represented,
including experimental ones, along with all livecoders, active,
dormant and lurking.  So please throw in a proposal - it doesn't have
to be fully formed or binding at this stage.  Unfortunately there
isn't any funding for any of us, but we hope this will be a really
good project to be part of, and contributors would keep full copyright
over their work.

The deadline for brief proposals is 20th December, with notification
hopefully by the end of the year.  The deadline for submission of
videos will be 1st April.

Feel free to bring up ideas for collaborative videos here if you wish...

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