[chuck-users] newbie envelope follower question

daniel gomez danielg_ at hotmail.com
Wed Dec 22 16:11:34 EST 2010

Hi guys(sorry that i sent this same email to the chuck list and not the chuck-users)Im just getting started this week in chuck. Been reading the documentation and following the examples, but im stuck with trying to start an envelope that contours the filter frequency just when i hit any key. I have this patch (below) that (supposedly) contours the filter and the oscilator at the same time, but i dont get what is wrong cause it is not working. It seems as if the envelope is sliding but it is not being updated when the amplitude envelope is on. Im sorry if this is too obvious but have not found a way to do it. ThanksHid entrada; HidMsg mensaje;0 => int device; if( !entrada.openKeyboard( device ) ) me.exit();//El patchSawOsc o1 => LPF f=> Envelope e1 => dac;Step stp => Envelope e => blackhole;1 => stp.next;400 => e.value;800 => e.target;2 => e.time;o1.gain (.2);0.020 => e1.time;o1.freq(200);while (true){entrada => now;e.last()+200=> o1.freq;e.last()+200=> f.freq;while( entrada.recv( mensaje ) ) //cuando 'entrada' reciba un 'mensaje'{if( mensaje.isButtonDown() ){1=>e1.keyOn; 1=>e.keyOn;}if(mensaje.isButtonUp()){0=> e.keyOn;0 => e1.keyOn; }}}
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