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Hi, Ronni!

On 30 December 2010 08:28, ronni montoya <ronni.montoya at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi, im new in this list,  i was using supercollider before, somebody
> told me about something about  the posibilities of chuck for making
> sample level operations.
> Can anybody explain me about this?

That's a bit of a big topic, because there are of course many things we
might like to do to samples. I also believe (not offering proof) that we can
do all of those in ChucK. Not all of those will be efficient or practical
but they should work deterministically.

The easiest way of seeing this is probably looking at the Step and Impulse
UGens, which allow us to set the value of a sample in the audio chain using
code. If you match that with loop running at a rate of 1::samp you can
generate any signal. Like this;

Step s => dac;

  Std.rand2f(-1 , 1) => s.next; //noise generator
  samp => now;

Another interesting thing to note is that ChucK doesn't use block-processing
so you can use feedback in the UGen graph and expect it to work without
block-size related artefacts.

Those two things are quite different from how SC works, I believe. Of course
SC users can get around this by using Faust, for example.

Does that cover the general side to your question? We can look at details
too, if you have some you are especially interested in.

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