[chuck-users] Filters blowing up: any news?

Tomasz Kaye's brain tomasz.brain at gmail.com
Sat Feb 13 12:21:09 EST 2010

At the end of November last year I posted to the list about a problem
experiencing where chucks filters (lp, bpf etc) 'blow up' under certain
conditions. Here's the archived post:

I wondered if anyone has made any progress with finding a solution and/or
figuring out exactly what was causing this.

In a couple of months I'll be performing with a synthesis environment that I
was part way through creating in ChucK before I ran into the filter bug. I'm
hoping that I don't have to switch back to max/msp to go further (i much
prefer the chuck environment), so I thought i'd give this one more bump on
the list to see if there may be a fix in SCM,  or otherwise in the pipeline

If anyone is able to fix this I'd be extremely grateful!
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