[chuck-users] Filters blowing up: any news?

Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Tue Feb 16 18:20:22 EST 2010

2010/2/16 Andrew C. Smith <andrewchristophersmith at gmail.com>

> Yes, you don't blow the speaker. I've done it many times, and actually use
> that filter blowing up sound as a musical tool (routed through an external
> mixer). It's so unpredictable that it's really fun. In fact, this awesome
> sound was one of the reasons I got into ChucK and the primary reason I keep
> my old PowerBook around.

We wouldn't lose that though. The "Filter" class is perfectly capable of
letting you enjoy endless amounts of unstable or "mostly stable" filters.
LPF (etc) on the other hand is supposed to be stable, dependable and
convenient. The convenience filters merely extend Filter.

I do agree that it can sound good. Some of the reverbs can under some
conditions go quite out of control as well. I've a audience applaud that. I
was a bit ambiguous about that as I was trying to livecode a more sensitive
atmospheric piece but yes, it can sound good.

> Seems that ChucK can crash brains, not just computers!
I suspect so but I do believe that there are indications that some of us
were a bit loony before we started ChucKing. more research will be needed.
At the very least a control group.

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