[chuck-users] chuck crash

Steve M. Robbins steve at sumost.ca
Fri Jan 1 10:02:56 EST 2010


I've discovered chuck only a few days ago so I'm working through
tutorials.  Today I tried the following code from Graham Coleman's
tutorial http://www.iua.upf.es/~gcoleman/chuck/tutorial/tutorial.html

//connect a plucked string to the soundcard out
StifKarp inst => dac;

[0,2,3,1,4,2,6,3,4,4] @=> int mel[]; //sequence data

for (0=>int i; ; i++) { //infinite loop
  std.mtof( 48 + mel[i%mel.cap()] ) => inst.freq; //set the note
  inst.noteOn( 0.5 ); //play a note at half volume
  300::ms => now; //compute audio for 0.3 sec

This crashes chuck (v at the "for" loop line.  The code
presumably used to work.  Has the language changed or is this a simple

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