[chuck-users] wishlist for the new year

Michael Heuer heuermh at gmail.com
Sat Jan 2 02:15:52 EST 2010

Hello ChucKers,

Good idea on having the documentation sprint -- it has sparked my
interest in ChucK again.  Given the time of year I thought I'd throw
out my wish list for new ChucK features/enhancements:

1.  Import/include mechanism with namespaces

The import.ck mechanism in LiCK works ok, but is hard to maintain.
All dependencies between classes have to be calculated manually so
that all the Machine.adds are in the right order.

Having 136 or however many it is classes in LiCK all in the same
namespace (no namespace, or the "default package", that is) is a mess.

2.  Java-style interface abstract classes, or multiple class inheritance

I need either

class Foo {}
interface Bar {}
interface Baz {}
class Qux extends Foo implements Bar, Baz
class Foo {}
class Bar {}
class Baz {}
class Qux extends Foo, Bar, Baz

3.  Tool for generating ChucK class documentation from its source code
(similar to doxygen or javadoc)

4.  A way to soft-kill a shred when in an on-the-fly programming session

By soft-kill, I mean kill the shread when it is no longer producing
non-zero samples, not just kill it immediately.  Using e.g.

$ chuck - 1

is not pleasant when that shred is still producing sound.

5.  Class/type introspection

6.  Closures or function pointers

7.  Constructors


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