[chuck-users] wishlist for the new year

Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Mon Jan 4 08:58:04 EST 2010

> These are much more modest additions, and it would be nice to see them.

I wonder how close we could get to Lambda calculus by allowing for
overloading the ChucK operator from within the language? I want that.
The ChucK operator is clearly "ChucKian" and I feel it has proven to
be very expressive.

Aside from that I think that the suggestions and notes here are really
interesting and I'm learning a lot from them but I think it would be
short-changing ourselves to have this debate solely in CS terms. CS to
me (no offence to the CS professors here) is a tool and the end result
will have to be music/sound/etc. The tools will have to make practical
sense in reasoning about music and sound.

It might be easier to talk about these things using muck-up example
code that would do some musical thing. In the end we would like to
express feelings (or learn about sound, or get our feet wet in
code...) and while CS papers might be a stage in getting there they
aren't so great as a end result. Personally I would have made Ge fail
if his thesis (which really is quite interesting) wasn't backed by
people the world over actually using this stuff and enjoying

I don't mean to critique the proposals above saying this, I just
wanted to make some suggestions on what to judge such proposals on and
provide a perspective on how we might make them in the most efficient


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