[chuck-users] FLOSS (user editable) manual for ChucK

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Thu Jan 7 12:45:25 EST 2010

2010/1/7 Tomasz Kaye's brain
> Both Adam and I have spoken directly to the other Adam (confusingly) who
> runs FLOSS manuals, he seems very approachable.
That's good.

> I don't know how the 'subscribe to changes' feature of FLOSS manuals works
> yet, I don't know if it would pick up new things posted to a manual's
> discussion pages. I'll check that out and post back. If it does, that might
> work quite well (though we might need to think about how to communicate that
> the 'discussion' pages of the manual are the appropriate place for posting
> these kinds of thing).

I don't think it sends emails for those, actually.

What I'm envisaging is a sort of big red button marked "I have a issue with
this manual" that would result in a sort of small questionnaire that could
be filled in anonymously. Basically I want the tress-hold for filing issues
to be as low as it could possibly go. We have to remember that our target
audience here is quite likely not -yet- deeply into our little scene. They
may not have a list subscription, for all we know they didn't even yet
manage to install ChucK. I could even imagine going as far as having a
hotlink in the final pdf that would link to this feature. Right now we have
no way of getting info from people who try ChucK for a afternoon, then quit,
while that would be spectacularly valuable information.

In completely unrelated news; yesterday I realised that the "--version" flag
wasn't yet in the manual. I think this brings the total up to 32. We may
have to admit that a real "complete" manual might take a while. We do need
some more new chapters that could be written now if somebody has the time
and inspiration but I suspect a huge part of the work over the next few
months will be collecting all of the scattered bits and pieces.

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