[chuck-users] wishlist for the new year

Atte André Jensen atte.jensen at gmail.com
Thu Jan 7 19:40:57 EST 2010

Stefan Blixt wrote:

> I don't know all the jargon, but intuitively something like a UGen feels 
> like you should be able to run it in a thread of its own

I'm not sure how multi-threading UGens should improve performance. If 
it's a matter of using both cores of my dual core, it's only a 100% 
speedup, which would be a start, but won't last long.

Some of you might remember that I did some "benchmarks" on UGens 
(http://atte.dk/chuck/) and although it's extremely un-scientific it 
suggests for instance that a SndBuf uses 0.5% of my cpu power. Doesn't 
sound like much, but it takes two to make stereo and I don't think it's 
ambitious to have 20 sounds play at the same time (a couple of chords, a 
bass, some melody and some rhythm) which is using 20% for that alone. 
Then I haven't even started with the fun stuff of using filters, echo 
(reverb is too heavy on the cpu and can only be applied occationally). 
Add to that the "playing-code" that's gonna drive the thing. Chuck 
starts to be unstable around 70% at the most here, so the fun is limited.

NB1: Correction: my cpu is only 2.0GHz dual core, not 2.4GHz as I stated 

NB2: I often thought that I was somehow bitten by some evil 
hardware/os/setup issue that made chuck perform severely bad on my 
setup, but now I've come to the conclusion (after extensive testing, 
system tweaking, trying out other linux distros, abandoning X, trying 
other laptops) that it's the general picture.

NB3: Let me say it again: I'm in no way trying to bash chuck. I love it 
as everyone here, I just feel forced to switch to for instance 
supercollider or something.


http://atte.dk   http://modlys.dk

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