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1 => foo;

this is sane, but this isn't:

1 => foo => bar;

foo(1) is the same as 1 => foo

foo => bar is the same as bar(foo)

however, I was suggesting that I could assign the object/function foo to
reference bar this way:

foo @=> bar;

which means this:

1 => bar;

would now return 3 because bar is now a reference to the same function foo
is a reference to.

see what I mean?

additionally, given

fun fun int bing(int b)
   fun void funk(int i) { return b+i; }
   return funk;


<<< 4 => bing(5) >>>;

should print "9" in my weird world.  I'm not sure that this actually is
going to work this way, i'm just suggesting that we could get a lot of
interesting things if functions were objects.  I might be lynched for saying
this, but JavaScript works this way.  It's a lot easier with a dynamically
typed language in which variables are always just references to other things
(like they are in Chuck with objects, but not with primitives).

I don't think we're going to get away with this without adding some sort of
keyword to Chuck.  "function" is already taken as a keyword, according to
the documentation, even though nothing using it has been implemented as far
as I know.  Perhaps we can add a function type that extends object.


2010/1/6 Kassen <signal.automatique at gmail.com>

> Mike;
> What about this:
> Well;
> fun int foo( int arg)
>   {
>   return 3;
>   }
> fun void bar( int arg)
>   {
>   <<<"boring">>>;
>   }
> //overload
> fun void bar ( fun arg)
>   {
>   <<<"fun">>>;
>   }
> 1 => foo => bar;
> Would that print "fun" or "boring"? That last line is a case where we refer
> to the function without parentheses yet still expect it to be called and to
> return under current syntax.
> Yours,
> Kas.
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