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1 => foo;
> this is sane,


> but this isn't:
> 1 => foo => bar;
> foo(1) is the same as 1 => foo
> foo => bar is the same as bar(foo)
Yes... But look at this;

60 => Std.mtof => my_osc.freq;

That's good ChucKian form, I'd say. It's compact, it's coherent and it's
very readable, almost like a chronological sentence, like "I put on my coat
and went outside"

> however, I was suggesting that I could assign the object/function foo to
> reference bar this way:
> foo @=> bar;
> which means this:
> 1 => bar;
> would now return 3 because bar is now a reference to the same function foo
> is a reference to.
> see what I mean?
Yes, I do, but when functions become objects then the code becomes ambiguous
for overloaded to take both functions and integers as parameters. If
my_osc.freq above would be overloaded to also take functions as a argument
then that line become a bit like "I was walking my dog when I met a girl,
then I brushed her hair.". That sentence might mean I brushed my dog or I
might have brushed the girl's hair. You and me would probably never use a
sentence like that because it's asking for misunderstandings, but it's
perfectly fine English. Formal languages should really not have that sort of
sentence, I feel, and I don't see how we can get around this with your plan
as it stands.

I'm certainly not saying here that I think functions as objects or as
arguments are inherently a bad idea, in fact I think it might be a very good
one. As it stands, though, I think your proposal has some issues and I
wouldn't like to break or lovely feature of chaining function-calls into
single lines of code where that makes sense.

Are we on the same page again? Am I still misunderstanding something?

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