[chuck-users] in need of some starter tips...

Andrew Turley aturley at acm.org
Sun Jan 24 04:09:14 EST 2010

Hi Suvash. If you're interested in using Chuck as a sound engine, you
should probably start by learning about open sound control (OSC) if
you don't already know about it. You can learn more about OSC here:
On the Chuck side of things, there are some examples in the
examples/osc/ directory of the Chuck installation. There are OSC
libraries for just about every language under the sun, or you can roll
your own using UDP sockets.

To learn Chuck, start with files in the examples directory. If you
already know another programming language it should be pretty easy to
understand most of what is going on. The things to focus on in Chuck
1) signal chains
2) shreds (kind of like threads)
3) signals
4) timing
Chuck has uncommon ways of handling these things, so you'll want to
understand how they work.

And of course if you have any question, you can always come here.

Good luck.


2010/1/23 Suvash Thapaliya <suvash at gmail.com>:
> Hello Chuck-ers !
> …want to begin with a big HI to everyone here !
> I came to know about this software(programming environment) sometime ago, a
> couple of years i guess. And i want to make some serious use of it.
> I plan to use chuck as a sound engine coupled to another program which would
> feed data to chuck(in real-time), primarily targeted for musical
> exploration.
> It would be great if someone would set me some pointers to begin with.
> wanna-be chucker
> suVasH.....
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