[chuck-users] got .deb?

Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Sun Jan 24 09:43:04 EST 2010


Is anyone maintaining a .deb package for chuck/mini?
Not that I know of. We do have a offer from the Pure:dyne people (
http://puredyne.goto10.org/ ) that they could host a package but they don't
have the resources to maintain it. I'd like to try to give creating a
package a go but my time too is limited. I'd like to try and there would be
some support from them to get started but I really can't promise I'll have
time for this before the second half of next month as I also have a
exhibition to prepare for.

I don't think we could get a package into Debian proper because Debian wants
tried, proven, stable things which roughly translates to "not us".

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