[chuck-users] a koan (and a bug request)

Hans Aberg haberg at math.su.se
Mon Jan 25 04:03:11 EST 2010

On 25 Jan 2010, at 06:56, Robert Poor wrote:

>     class Lunacy extends Trait {
>         public void announce() { <<< "I am lunacy." >>>; }
>     }
>     (new Legacy).invoke();
>     (new Lunacy).invoke();
> It took me a LONG time to find this one (and an even longer time to  
> boil it down to a succinct example).  Will the powers that be please  
> take this as a request to beef up the parser?

The manual says that the P3-words (public, protected, private) are  
available, but not yet fully implemented.

But it is a good question as to why one can drop "fun" here.

It falls into the category of computer language quirks, or "gotchas"  
as they are called here:

It is a difficult topic. It's like older airplanes often had the flaps  
up and gears up controls side by side. When landing a plane one must  
look outside, and not at those controls. So every once in a while, a  
pilot would make a gears up instead of flaps up when on the ground,  
resulting in the need for an expensive repair. So modern airplanes  
usually don't have them side-by-side.


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