[chuck-users] launchpad class + mlr clone

Thomas Girod girodt at gmail.com
Sat Jun 12 11:39:29 EDT 2010

Hi fellow chuckers.

this is my first contribution to the community - Hopefully some of you
will find it useful / fun.


launchpad.ck defines a class to interact with the Novation Launchpad
controller. Right now it is far from complete, but the most important
stuff is working: listening to press/release events, and controlling the

mluck.ck is a very basic clone of the excellent mlr app for the monome
(http://docs.monome.org/doku.php?id=app:mlr), adapted to the launchpad.
What it is doing:

- play 8 pre-recorded loops in parallel (one per line)
- jump around each loop with the main grid buttons
- play/stop each loop with the scene buttons

Feedbacks are welcomed !



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