[chuck-users] code reusability

Joe McMahon mcmahon at ibiblio.org
Sat Jun 12 22:29:29 EDT 2010

2010/6/12 mike clemow <michaelclemow at gmail.com>:
> I would be happy to help make something too, although I would say we should
> use Python for two reasons:
> 1) I know Python much better than Perl.
> 2) Python enforces much more legible code.
Okay, well, I'll take a look at the Perl version; let's see what we
can come up with.

By the way: good programmers enforce legible code, not languages. :)
Programming languages can help out, but it's possible to write crap
code in any language. Having written both, I think that writing good
Perl does indeed require more discipline, but the power advantages
(especially CPAN) help a lot.

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