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Thu Jun 17 23:28:57 EDT 2010

Fellow ChucKists,

Yesterday I wanted to wish Dan a happy birthday on FaceBook, hoping for many
more years of fun with strings and code but thought it'd be nicer to write
this in ChucK. Then stuff happened and I was too late.

Belated but no less sincere; emulating strings in LiSa... because we can,
and because LiSa can (LiSa can actually do anything, she's just modest). We
start out with a very literal implementation of Karplus-Strong at concert A4
tuning. Then we start mucking with various parameters in ways that are less
traditionally Karplus-Strong for some more interesting tembral effects.


Do copy, do share.
No warranties, no refunds.
Physical models can (and will!) blow up; please mind your speakers,
neighbours and pets.
Remixing and sharing results strongly encouraged (many parameters left....).
Happy belated birthday to Dan!

//the patch (noise or a saw plus a envelope could emulate a bow instead of a
Impulse i => LiSa l => dac;
//needs to be defined
second => l.duration;

//two voices for averaging
2 => l.maxVoices;

//buffer duration = source of the pitch
second / 440 => dur base_cycle;

//create a looping delay
//looping for both recording and playback is on by default
base_cycle => l.loopEndRec;
l.loopEnd (0, base_cycle);
l.loopEnd (1, base_cycle);
1 => l.record;

//offset the second voice by one sample
//so we average between the current and the last sample value
l.play (0, 1);
l.playPos (1, -1 * samp); //"::" should work here but gives me a error?
l.play( 1, 1);

//average between the two values. ratio sets the "filter's" effect.
//make sure the two add up to unity (1.0).
l.voiceGain (0, .5);
l.voiceGain (1, .5);

//feedback sets the tone's decay
.995 => l.feedback;

//off we go!
1 => i.next;
2::second => now;

//tradition ends here.
//fun starts
l.loopEnd (1, base_cycle * .5);

1 => i.next;
2::second => now;

l.loopEnd (1, base_cycle * 2);

1 => i.next;
2::second => now;

l.loopEnd (1, base_cycle * .333333);

1 => i.next;
2::second => now;

l.loopEnd (1, base_cycle * 1.5);

1 => i.next;
2::second => now;

l.loopEndRec() * 2 => l.loopEndRec;
l.loopEnd (1, base_cycle - samp);
1 => i.next;
4::second => now;
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