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On 18 June 2010 14:50, Daniel Trueman <dtrueman at princeton.edu> wrote:

> awesomely twisted use of LiSa Kassen!

> i don't think this is really karplus-strong though. in KP, the lowpass
> filter is inside the feedback loop.

Yes, of course.

> for LiSa, the feedback ratio doesn't actually feed the output of all its
> voices back into the buffer (i'd have to think about how to implement that
> inside the ugen), it just retains its buffer, scaled by whatever you set the
> ratio to (meant to emulate what various loopers can do when loop recording).
> i can see, however, that it would be really useful to have it actually
> feedback all its voice outputs into its buffer; i'll take a look at it!
> maybe a second feedback mode.
It's not? WHOOOPS! I suppose that would explain why some of the more exotic
modifications to KS stayed so stable :-).
I feel quite silly now. That said; this second kind of feedback would be
quite easy and I see no need to put it into the UGen;

Impulse i => LiSa l => dac;
l => l; //feedback
.995 => l.gain; //feedback amplitude
1 => l.record;

Not really worth a update to LiSa, I think.

That will also mean the whole rest of the code will need a look, but I'm
positive the principle is still valid. Voice 1 would need to read from the
location that the last tick wrote to (for proper IIR-filtering) but that's
possible, I think. I'll try to get it right later.

I should have given all this a bit more thought and testing, but as you get
to say in such situations; it's the thought that counts ;-)

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