[chuck-users] Simple question about getting a basic frequency spectrum

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> Hi,
> I am a little confused with fourier-transforms, math not being my
> specialty.
Depending on the way that you learn best you could go over the formal math
(beware that this is serious university level stuff) or you could look at
the relevant examples in the directory of examples that came with your ChucK
install and poke around in those, seeing how changes affect them. There is
also the reference pages for the analysis stuff.

If I were you I'd read up on the general theory of *what* happens but leave
the details of the *how* be, being happy that others implemented it for you.
Then I'd do some poking around, read the same stuff again as by then it will
make more sense, poke some more and see how far you can get in making it do
your bidding.

The theory behind it all is heavy stuff but working with this in practice
need not be all that hard, especially as there are working examples that do
fun stuff ready made for you.

Good luck!
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