[chuck-users] sndbuf glitch

Scott Smallwood scott.smallwood at ualberta.ca
Tue Mar 9 08:37:21 EST 2010

Hey ChucKians,

So, I've talked to some of you about this problem before, and have  
been given various solutions, including playing with chunking, but so  
far, nothing has been able to resolve this basic issue.  It's really  
kept me from doing any significant work with sound buffers ChucK.

Here's the issue:

When you read a file into a sound buffer - doesn't matter how large  
the file is, the audio "clicks".  Doesn't matter what else is  
currently "playing", whether it's an oscillator, another sndbuff, etc  
- it just invariably clicks.

Case and point:


SndBuf s1 => dac;
SndBuf s2 => dac;

0 => s2.gain; //turn down the gain of 2 so you can hear the click

"file1.aif" => s1.read;

2::second => now;

"file2.aif" => s2.read;

2::second => now;


So, this script starts playing the first file, then in 2 seconds when  
it loads "file2.aif" into the other SndBuf (who's gain is turned town)  

I know - this can be resolved by loading all needed soundbufs at the  
top of the code, but this is very restrictive.  I want to be able to  
load in new audio on-the-fly - but currently, Chuck simply doesn't  
seem to support this basic feature.

Anybody have any clues here?


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   faculty of arts, u of alberta

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