[chuck-users] what is the syntax for casting an array of objects?

Robert Poor rdpoor at gmail.com
Sat Mar 20 02:12:23 EDT 2010

I'm getting a message:

> [babble_patch.ck]:line(142): arguments type(s) do not match:

[babble_patch.ck]:line(142): ... for function
> 'PatchableObserver.attach_all(...)' ...

[babble_patch.ck]:line(142): ...(please check the argument types)

The line in question in file babble_patch.ck:line(142):

> PatchableObserver.attach_all(_handlers);

The declaration of _handlers in babble_patch.ck:line(76):

>     Handler @ _handlers[];

The declaration of the Handler class in babble_patch.ck:line(37):

> class Handler extends PatchableObserver { ... }

And the declaration of attach_all in patchable_observer.ck:line(16):

>     fun static void attach_all(PatchableObserver ps[]) { ... }

What I *intend* is to pass an array of Handler objects to attach_all().  I
can imagine that ChucK is concerned that Handler isn't the same as
PatchableObject (don't laugh at me -- I've gotten used to Ruby's duck

But I can't figure out the syntax for casting an array of Handler[] as an
array of PatchableObject[] to pass to attach_all().  Any ideas?

[If need be I can make a smaller self-contained example. But my hope is that
this is some easily answered question.]

Thanks in advance,

- Rob
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