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> A very very simple question and I'm going to completely show myself up
> here.....  What language is ChucK based on?  It looks similar to Common
> Music which is based on Scheme I think?  I'm just wondering so I can try
> understand things better/quicker.
Mostly Java, with the addition of our massively  overloaded "=>" operator,
which is mostly (rather tasty) syntactic sugar, and our method for timing
and concurrency.

Of course modern musical languages will be influenced by the old ones, like
Common Music and CSound and you may see traces of that influence but it's
really very much unlike something like Scheme. If you keep Java in mind you
will mostly be fine. If you keep Scheme in mind and try to write in that
style you may get interesting results but after a while I predict
brick-walls and disappointments.

Hope that helps.
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