[chuck-users] eChucK Update

Les Hall inventor-66 at comcast.net
Tue Mar 23 02:40:13 EDT 2010

Hi again ChucKists, 

The current news on eChucK is that the first run of Karplus Strong boards is now assembled and tested working.  I sold nine boards, three assembled, and kept one.  To date two are working and demonstrated in various formats at electro-music.com, the host of the ChucK forum.  The latest move forward is that I finally looked into the details of performing physical modeling of instruments in analog circuit form.  

It turns out that I can use the same translation methodology to convert instrument models coded in ChucK into physical analog circuits.  I was doing it all along with Karplus Strong, it's just that now i've learned more and realized I can make a flute module or a trombone module or whatever.  Although this has been done using modular synthesizers before, I have not yet heard of any commercially available modular synthesizer modules that do this.  

So that's the update, I'd be happy to hear any advice or warnings or news on the topic.  At this time I am not familiar with the legalities of using potentially copyrighted models or patented ones, etc.  I have a lot to learn but it should be worth it because I think there's a pretty good market for this stuff.  Plus it's tons of fun!  


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