[chuck-users] chuck for live performance

Jacob Doran jacob at thehumanzoo.com
Tue May 18 12:19:00 EDT 2010

Hey Chuck Users,

I'm a computer programmer, guitarist and singer who lives in London.
Recently I have moved away from pure acoustic performances and have been
using boss loop pedal and effects in gigs which has been fantastic but I'm
already finding limitations.

Then I had the idea that I might be able merge my programming skills with my
music and program my own loop pedal rig using ChuCK software and a midi foot
controller. It would be able to loop my guitar and voice multiple times live
(like traditional loop pedals), turn loops on and off, and also apply real
time manipulation, ping pong delays, pitch
shifting, algorithmic harmonizations and who knows what else. I would
control this all with a midi foot controller and a laptop while I play and

I was wondering if anyone has tried doing this type of thing before? A lot
of what I have read seams to be more about virtual synthesis rather than
real time audio manipulation/looping in a live performance? Is this
something ChuCK could do well? What about performance, stability, or

I'm going to download ChuCK and play around to try and find these answers
myself soon but any useful pointers and suggestions would be most

Thanks in advance for your help,
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