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Robert Poor rdpoor at gmail.com
Tue May 18 12:39:09 EDT 2010


An emphatic YES: ChucK is great for live manipulation as well as for synthesis.

In my experience, ChucK is well-nigh ideal for what you're after.  In
my alt-deviant-jazz band, I play ChucK exclusively.  (My band mates
play tenor sax, guitar, acoustic bass and drums.)  One of our favorite
patches is where I capture snippets of what someone has just played
(via microphone) and subsequently apply an "audio cuisinart" to it:
looping, pitch and time scaling, etc.   I use a six axis joystick and
a dinky little keyboard for controls, and they work well with ChucK.
Since I need to follow someone else's tempo, a "tap tempo tracker"
lets me play loops that stay in synch with the drummer.  And I
typically wail HARD on ChucK for an hour at a time without any
crashes.  I could go on, but you get the idea.

Since you're a programmer, you'll appreciate that ChucK does NOT
provide a lot of pre-canned libraries -- it's up to you to develop
your own sounds and how you control them -- but I consider that a
feature of ChucK and not a bug, akin to painters who grind their own
pigments rather than buy pre-made colors.

- Rob

2010/5/18 Jacob Doran <jacob at thehumanzoo.com>:
> Hey Chuck Users,
> I'm a computer programmer, guitarist and singer who lives in London.
> Recently I have moved away from pure acoustic performances and have been
> using boss loop pedal and effects in gigs which has been fantastic but I'm
> already finding limitations.
> Then I had the idea that I might be able merge my programming skills with my
> music and program my own loop pedal rig using ChuCK software and a midi foot
> controller. It would be able to loop my guitar and voice multiple times live
> (like traditional loop pedals), turn loops on and off, and also apply real
> time manipulation, ping pong delays, pitch
> shifting, algorithmic harmonizations and who knows what else. I would
> control this all with a midi foot controller and a laptop while I play and
> sing.
> I was wondering if anyone has tried doing this type of thing before? A lot
> of what I have read seams to be more about virtual synthesis rather than
> real time audio manipulation/looping in a live performance? Is this
> something ChuCK could do well? What about performance, stability, or
> latency?
> I'm going to download ChuCK and play around to try and find these answers
> myself soon but any useful pointers and suggestions would be most
> appreciated.
> Thanks in advance for your help,
> Jacob
> http://myspace.com/jacobdoran/
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