[chuck-users] chuck for live performance

Michael Heuer heuermh at gmail.com
Tue May 18 12:47:04 EDT 2010

Jacob Doran wrote:

> I'm a computer programmer, guitarist and singer who lives in London.
> Recently I have moved away from pure acoustic performances and have been
> using boss loop pedal and effects in gigs which has been fantastic but I'm
> already finding limitations.
> Then I had the idea that I might be able merge my programming skills with my
> music and program my own loop pedal rig using ChuCK software and a midi foot
> controller. It would be able to loop my guitar and voice multiple times live
> (like traditional loop pedals), turn loops on and off, and also apply real
> time manipulation, ping pong delays, pitch
> shifting, algorithmic harmonizations and who knows what else. I would
> control this all with a midi foot controller and a laptop while I play and
> sing.
> I was wondering if anyone has tried doing this type of thing before? A lot
> of what I have read seams to be more about virtual synthesis rather than
> real time audio manipulation/looping in a live performance? Is this
> something ChuCK could do well? What about performance, stability, or
> latency?

Great question -- I'm looking forward to all the other responses in this thread.

I will make the argument that it would be difficult to implement all
of what you wish to do in ChucK directly, rather you will most likely
end up with a hodge-podge of software tied together by JACK (or a
similar audio routing tech) and MIDI and/or OSC for control change

JACK Audio Connection Kit

Open Sound Control (OSC) 1.0 Specification

For instance, I use SooperLooper for looping guitar and homemade
instruments.  I drive it programmatically via OSC in ChucK or
Processing in response to keyboard, sound analysis, or timing-related


SooperLooper.ck in LicK

Sooper Looper Java API via OSC interface

Since you have a MIDI foot controller, you could just use
SooperLooper's MIDI interface directly.  I'm uncoordinated with my
feet, so I stick with code.  :)


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