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Tue May 18 12:56:33 EDT 2010

On 18 May 2010 18:39, Robert Poor
> An emphatic YES: ChucK is great for live manipulation as well as for
> synthesis.
> In my experience, ChucK is well-nigh ideal for what you're after.

Indeed. And on top of that we have the Lisa UGen, which does much of this
out of the box and which was made by Dan who is also both a programmer and a
musician playing more traditional instruments.

I suggest taking LiSa for the core of the system and once that works looking
into analysis to make any transformations on the original material or
whatever hybrid-techniques you come up with "aware" of factors like pitch,
note onset, zero-crossings, etc.

Inspired by Nick Collins's papers on breakbeat-cutting I got into starting
such operations with a analysis stage and I'm never going back. He primarily
talks about things like transients for beat-detection but there is no reason
why that perspective couldn't be adapted to deal with pitch or any number of
other factors.

Assuming you can keep the latency down you can give commercial pedals a real
run for their money in this field. I'd be tempted to look into a expression
pedal (not just switches) or perhaps a accelerometer bolted to the guitar
itself to control parameters beyond a simple on/off. I'd also try to keep
the graphical feedback to a bare minimum (if anything) and instead focus on
trying to create features so so simple (yet powerful) that this isn't

Go for it! Ask questions! Post sounds!

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