[chuck-users] LOrknet and recent PLOrk doc

Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Thu May 20 11:22:16 EDT 2010

On 20 May 2010 17:12, dan trueman <dtrueman at princeton.edu> wrote:

> oh yeah, forgot that mark had linked that video there; thanks!

It's good; a nice take on the possibilities of the laptop and it's
integration in a larger whole from a very practical, down to earth

Yes, entry 6 here; http://www.music.princeton.edu/~nbritt/PLOrk-Spring2010/

<http://www.music.princeton.edu/~nbritt/PLOrk-Spring2010/> Looks like a sort
of group-chat session, which I think is a very sensible way of having people
collaborate on livecoding. I just posted it to the TOPLAP list for that
reason. I'd like to know more about this.

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