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Tom Aizenberg tom at tomaizenberg.nl
Fri May 21 10:59:57 EDT 2010

Hi everybody,


Thanks for all your reactions! I've decided to go with OSC instead of pipes,
which turns out to be really great! For the ones interested, I use pyGame
for visualization and pyOSC for communication, those two work also very


A different question I now have is, how do I convert a float to a string?
Haven't been able to find this in the documentation/examples. :(




Tom Aizenberg










Hi All,


I am trying to make a visualization program for ChucK programs. For the
communication between ChucK and the C++ code I'm writing, I use a pipe. I'd
rather use a socket but I cannot see how this works in ChucK (?).


When I write to chout I need to flush the buffer, just to read in the output
using my own program. When I try to do this (i.e. my_IO_object.flush()) I
get the following message:


"(IO): internal error! inside an abstract function! help!

    note: please hunt down someone (e.g., Ge) to fix this..."


The command I use is: chuck-\bin\chuck.exe
chuckVis\chuckFiles\random1.ck, on Windows Vista 32-bits. Without the
.flush() the script works fine, but I need the flush functionality.


Has anybody got a clue how to fix this? Or maybe how to use ChucK to send
messages through a socket?




Tom Aizenberg


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