[chuck-users] bug in miniAudicle?

Maurits Lamers maurits.lamers at kmt.hku.nl
Thu May 27 04:36:48 EDT 2010


I'll try to give an example as soon as I have the time to do so :)



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> Tom;
> Do you have an example? I've never seen this problem. This works for  
> me:
> I'm sure; as noted it "worked" like that in my little LAC workshop.
> This was running on OSX (not sure about the version) with a stock  
> version of the mini, freshly downloaded for the occasion. Maurits  
> had some Java experience so he started using block-comments on his  
> own. I actually assumed this must be a common/known bug on OSX, that  
> was just unknown to me as I don't have a OSX machine but still  
> suggested a bug-report as that was a nice chance to go into bug  
> reporting as a essential ChucKist skill.
> Yours,
> Kas.
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