[chuck-users] annoyances

Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Wed Nov 3 14:08:08 EDT 2010

Fellow ChucKists,

I'm rather displeased right now, which is a bit of a euphemism for "I feel
like breaking stuff".

I have a issue in my sequencer that I'm sure relates to floating-point
denormalisation (involving a feedback loop on a LiSa) as I have CPU spikes
that occur after a while and stay present after re-starting ChucK. These are
quite hard to pinpoint as they take a while to surface. Even if I would find
the culprit I'd then have to see whether it still exists in the current
version of ChucK because I'm running into this on the latest ASIO version
that we have around, which is downright out of date.

All of this is very, very frustrating, frustrating to the tune of looking
for what's wrong for three days on end. It's probably fixable but it's
frustrating that there is no canonical ASIO version of ChucK and that there
hasn't been more attention to floating-point denormalisation. One of the
main advantages over SC is that we can do sample-accurate feedback in CK,
yet we throw much of that away if we risk this. There is also no Windows
version out of the box that can use multi-channel audio and have acceptable

Both seem quite serious to me. Could something be done about this? I've been
thinking about how hard it would be to port my setup to a hardware PIC or
even SC. None of this should be necessary at all; a out-of-the-box ASIO
version is quite reasonable and  I believe that from the time
denormalisation has been a issue there have been instructions to simply
round to 0.

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