[chuck-users] annoyances

Michael Heuer heuermh at gmail.com
Wed Nov 3 15:49:51 EDT 2010

Ge Wang wrote:

> I feel your pain!  We'll definitely get on it.  There are actually macro's
> throughout to combat floating point denormalization (for example, measures
> are taken in the general UGen architecture and also strategically added to
> all of STK in ChucK where there is feedback that could lead to
> denormalization), but perhaps they have not yet made their way into LiSa. Do
> you have a minimal example of the feedback loop that leads to floating-point
> denormalization?
> ASIO is long due and I am sorry it's not part of the canonical ChucK release
> yet.  Spencer has actually been be gearing up for massive ChucK/miniAudicle
> development here at CCRMA.  We will priority boost ASIO support!

And 64-bit linux support!  :)


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