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Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Fri Nov 5 16:34:37 EDT 2010

2010/11/3 Ge Wang <ge at ccrma.stanford.edu>

> Hi Kassen!
Hey Ge!

I suppose it's clear that that message was send in a bit of a emotional
mood. Indeed these are important topics and a bit more attention to them
here&there would be good so it might be good to push them a little... But I
should also point out that I went back to a older version (I have backups,
fortunately) and enjoyed a good live session after all jamming with my
friend Rob who wrote his own system in Pure Data.

> I feel your pain!  We'll definitely get on it.  There are actually macro's
> throughout to combat floating point denormalization (for example, measures
> are taken in the general UGen architecture and also strategically added to
> all of STK in ChucK where there is feedback that could lead to
> denormalization), but perhaps they have not yet made their way into LiSa. Do
> you have a minimal example of the feedback loop that leads to floating-point
> denormalization?

I appreciate that this is a complex issue, I'll try to get you a example.
Part of my problem is that even I can't find exactly where and what is going
wrong here now; it's quite involved. With ChucK we can have a very fast
iteration rate, but if the bug takes a few minutes to surface that rate can
go down quite dramatically, with quite a few false-positives....

I suppose I got this issue having a fast iteration rate, which made sure
bugs that take a while to surface will only come up after changing quite a
few things. There might be a lesson there.

> ASIO is long due and I am sorry it's not part of the canonical ChucK
> release yet.  Spencer has actually been be gearing up for massive
> ChucK/miniAudicle development here at CCRMA.  We will priority boost ASIO
> support!
Thanks! Between the atrociously long latency of WMA (I have no idea what
Redmond was thinking there), the existence of ASIO4ALL, the issues with
multi-channel WMA, and the updates to RTAudio  since ChucK was conceived I
think this is a winning situation all round.

I'm also looking forward to the update to the Mini, Spencer's work is always
top notch.

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