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I agree with Nic here. I come from a programming background but when I
> started using ChucK I has little to no knowledge of audio synthesis,
> so while I could extract a lot of knowledge about the language from
> the manual and browsing the example code (which is great by the way) I
> really don't feel that I'm using all of ChucK's potential to create
> interesting audio pieces, mostly beeps and noises and stuff like that.
That's a huge subject and whole volumes could (and have!) been written even
on small parts of it. One good place to get ideas is this series;
http://www.soundonsound.com/sos/allsynthsecrets.htm (early parts are on the
bottom of the page).

This is mostly about creating sounds with traditional synths, but it is
abstracted far enough to be useful anywhere. I think the main reason why
that series has such a good reputation is that it's very accessible (no
higher math or physics needed) yet doesn't sacrifice depth. The diagrams are
nice and clear too.

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