[chuck-users] Intraspection?

Rich Caloggero rjc at mit.edu
Sun Nov 7 13:11:03 EST 2010

I want to find some way of controlling various parameters via the keyboard. 
The problem I'm having is that in order to write some sort of generic class 
that can change arbitrary UGen parameters (or really anything), one needs to 
know what types your dealing with. Is there a way of asking chuck what things 
For instance, I can maintain some sort of list of UGens I want to control via 
an array of UGens, but then when I attempt to access a parameter on one of the 
objects in that array, it tells me there is no such member in class UGen. THe 
idea is that the array would contain references to various UGens I want to 
manipulate, and they may be of any UGen subtype. However, in order to access 
any members, the compiler needs to know exactly which type each object is.

Any ideas?

-- Rich

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